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Chapter: Title                                                                  
Chapter 1: The Quest Starts!                                          Chapter Title
Chapter 1: The Begin Of This whole Mess!                  Part 1
Chapter 1: An Old Man?                                                  Part 2
Chapter 1: A Mistake!                                                      Part 3

Chapter 2: Finally Outside                                              Chapter Title
Chapter 2: The Little Town                                             Part 1

Chapter 3: A Secret Basement?                                     Chapter Title

Chapter 4: A Cursed Book.                                             Chapter Title

Chapter 5: Lets's Head Out!                                           Chapter Title

CHAPTER 1: The Quest Starts 
Part 1: The begin of this whole Mess

On an ordinary summer morning. Hitoroshi walks towards work, but he begins to feel a little ill somewhere in the middle of the day.
So when he's done with his work he decides to go straight home.
when at his house he makes a quick cup of noodles ready and heads for bed. when Hitoroshi is finally in his bed his head begins to ache, but Hitoroshi thinks nothing of it and heads for sleep.

but the next morning wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Hitoroshi seemed confused at first but then thinks he's still sleeping, But not as an ordinary dream but as a Lucid dream.

he knew that you could exit a lucid dream by doing something frightening In your dream.
so he decided to Look around In the house for something Dangerous, But he Didn't Find Anything so decides to go outside.
but when he tries to go outside he was forced back by some barrier saying that he must complete something before leaving the cabin.

When he bounced back Hitoroshi had hurt himself pretty badly since he was smacked against a metal stove. Hitoroshi was confused since he didn't come back to his senses "Wait, so is this real?" he said, "no, That can be the case?"
he was stressed since he didn't know where he was.
he tried to grab his phone to check Foogle Maps Since he left it in his pocket,
but it was nowhere to be found.
while stressed he asked himself questions like "was, I kidnapped?" or "did I Sleepwalk to here?".

When he walks back to the room that looks the most like a living room, he notices a note next to a stick and a sword?
He slowly walks towards it since there could be another barrier that will fling him backward, but when he's finally within the reading distance he trips and accidentally touches the stick. And a weird glowing effect begins surrounding him until he can't see a thing.
but when he gets his vision back he is standing on top of a mountain.
With nothing around him, then a man suddenly appears out of nowhere.

CHAPTER 1: The Quest Starts 
Part 2: An Old Man?

when hitoroshi sees the man he jumps back almost falling from a cliff.
The man asked Hitoroshi why he had picked the Item that was laid in front of him.
Hitoroshi responded confused "what item do you mean?"
The man responded "The wand of course"
Hitoroshi gave Him a confused look because he still didn't understand what he was talking about.

Then the man explained the story to him and why he was here. 
hitoroshi answered "So, that means I am now one of those dumb isekai protagonists with overpowered stats"
The old man responded, "no, your still that weakling that you were before." 
Hitoroshi said to that in response "come on man! at least give me some advantage."
the old man then said "bye, hope I'll never see you again"
then Hitoroshi returned to the ruin.

CHAPTER 1: The Quest Starts 
Part 3: A Mistake!

When Hitoroshi returned to the ruin, he became angry and said things like "Who does that old bastard think he is?" or "What a fool!"
When Hitoroshi is finally done raging, he decides to find a way out.

First, he tries to go out the front door that he got slammed by, a few minutes earlier.
Once at the door, he throws a block of wood at the barrier, but it went through.
Hitoroshi was confused but also wondered If he could also pass through now?
Hitoroshi carefully stepped through the barrier, but this time he was not slammed into a metal furnace.

But something FAR worse happened.
there was another barrier, of course, Hitoroshi hadn't noticed it and walked into it.
he directly was pushed back by an immense force almost kicking him off a cliff.
but he managed to grab the side of the cliff. while he pulled himself up he seemed confused since he had done the quest, right?
When he went back inside he discovered that he had forgotten to take the wand with him.

CHAPTER 2: The Quest Starts 
Part 1: The Little Town

Next Time In Welrn's Domain: Chapter 2  -  The Little Town